Ellen Gennaro

Lead Vocal: Ellen Gennaro
BG Vocals: Ellen Gennaro
Guitars: Josh Dutoit
Drums: Dave Martin
Bass: Lyle Wagoner
Percussion: Josh Dutoit, Ellen Gennaro
Mix: Austin Atwood
Master: Ryan Yount
Producers: Austin Atwood, Josh Dutoit, Ellen Gennaro
Recorded at Tres Soñadores

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by Ellen Gennaro

I’m often uneasy I’m often alone
I hold onto worries and make them a home
I’m never enough and I’m always too much 
I’m dying for love but afraid to be touched 

Fear had convinced me the past never ends 
And tomorrow will be what yesterday’s been 

I’m tired of crying 'bout what I don’t have 
I’m tired of laughing when I’m feeling sad 

I take off my blinders and turn on the lights 
Still I walk past the truth that shines in plain sight 

Fear had convinced me the past never ends 
And tomorrow will be what yesterday’s been 

Today is the day I’m claiming my chance 
To sing a new song and dance a new dance 

I clear out the closets I sweep up the floors 
I empty the trash bin I open the doors 

I stand at the threshold ready to shout 
Life won’t pass me by love won’t count me out 

Fear won’t define me ever again 
I am who I am and not who I’ve been 
I’m not who I’ve been I am who I am