Ellen Gennaro

Lead vocals: Ellen Gennaro
Background vocals: Ellen Gennaro
Guitars: Josh Dutoit
Bass: Josh Dutoit
Programming: Austin Atwood & Josh Dutoit
Mix: Austin Atwood
Master: Ryan Yount
Producers: Austin Atwood, Josh Dutoit, Ellen Gennaro
Recorded at Tres Soñadores

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by Ellen Gennaro

I don't know when I have felt so low 
show me a place to go beyond the grief imprisoning 

A part of me believes that I can be released  
from memories the pain at his betrayal of our  

Love gone wrong is there a sadder song 
I've learned to sing along with every broken heart that needs to mend 

Playing the blame game is torturing me 
'Til I forgive him I'll never be free 

Time has come what has been done is done 
the rising river runs carrying my teardrops to the 

See the bay waves are high today 
the ocean takes away traces of the dreams
I left behind
Left behind  
Traces of the dreams I left behind